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I set up Showrunner Communications to do work in the way I think it should be done for clients I believe in – building reputations, relationships and influence for organisations that help people and places to succeed.

Doing strategic communications work the way it should be done 

The first part of this is really about my professional outlook on what good strategic communications looks like. Over my career I’ve seen (and if I’m honest, occasionally done) a lot of PR and public affairs that doesn’t really achieve anything. Excellent press coverage has been delivered, cracking material produced and stakeholders engaged to little effect other than making everyone feel good about themselves for a bit. 

On the flipside, I’m very proud to have been involved in some projects that have had a real impact. For example, a programme of integrated PR, thought leadership and political engagement I led resulted in a team of academics being invited to advise the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit. A local government engagement plan I developed for a major utilities company opened up a series of business development opportunities. An intense period of influencing I led for an education membership group helped secure a significant policy shift. It’s work like this that really brings home the value of building reputations, relationships and influence. At Showrunner, making sure that all work results in tangible, measurable outcomes will be standard. 

Clients to believe in  – organisations that help people and places to succeed 

The people and places part of the plan is a little more personal. I’m a passionate believer that everyone, regardless of their background, should have opportunities to be all that they can be. This means access to excellent education institutions, local facilities and services, as well as any support they need to overcome disadvantages. These types of organisations come in many guises and do a range of different things, but are united in making worthwhile contributions to the communities that they operate in. For example, schools, colleges and training providers allow people to enter and thrive in rewarding careers; public transport operators drive mobility and help reduce the environmental impact of private car use; while charities and social services offer lifelines of support when people most need them. 

It’s an unfortunate reality though that national attention and influence over policy tends to be dominated by major businesses, organisations and lobby groups with the resources to invest in huge in-house comms departments or pay big agency fees. By implication, smaller scale organisations who make a massive difference to their communities tend to slip beneath the radar.

Leveling the playing field 

I want to make sure that all organisations making a positive impact in communities across the UK have access to affordable, high quality, strategic communications support. As a result, these organisations – that help people and places to succeed – will be able to thrive through the increased support that greater recognition brings. I also want to make sure that the vital experience and perspective that they bring  has an influence on policymaking. This is something we all stand to benefit from.

So, strategic communications done in the way it should be done for clients I believe in. That’s  what Showrunner Communications is all about. 

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how Showrunner can build reputation, relationships and influence for organisations that help people and places to succeed.