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Events, panels, talks, networking…Pre-pandemic there seemed to be a constant whirlwind of ‘things to do’, then suddenly there was nothing, followed by two years of exclusively online events.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who succumbed to digital event fatigue.

As businesses, institutions, and leaders the past few years have been complex. Now, as we begin to move forward, we’re all receiving more invites and have more opportunities to meet-up again.

Getting back to in-person events

On a personal level, I have actively enjoyed going back to events and conferences in person. The Showrunner team have attended the party conferences this year, been to various industry conferences, networking events and awards ceremonies, and have thoroughly enjoyed speaking on panels. 

For me, the huge benefit of in-person events is not just attending the main event itself, but in the smaller interactions you gain. Bumping into an old colleague, catching a panel or talk that you wouldn’t normally have had time for, and hearing new ideas. In an increasingly loud, and busy world these small moments and the messages we share can be incredibly powerful.

Using Events to effect change

At Showrunner we were delighted to support a groundbreaking event earlier this year, a partnership with innovative data industry leader, ‘Bright Data’ and the ‘Women in Data’ initiative. The event was the first step to looking at the issue of Data and Women’s Safety. It was truly exciting to have world-class experts in the room from big tech, charity and the government. 

Using opportunities like this to form the foundations of a policy agenda are key to informing and influencing change.

Making change accessible

But change can not, and should not, be limited to only those who can attend events in person. One positive outcome of the past few years is the fact that we can now easily connect digitally.

For the ‘Data and Women’s Safety’ event, we placed equal emphasis on those who could not be in the room, including victims of violence against women. Whilst many are able to return to events in person, we felt it was imperative to support those who are unable.

Delivering a great live experience

Delivering an event that meets the needs of attendees and is genuinely inclusive is something that we build into our thinking. Organising a hybrid event requires more thought. Ensuring people joining online receive a good, if different, experience alongside those in the room is vital to ensure engagement and message delivery. 

Whatever way you choose to influence policy or share your expert message, the last few years have highlighted how important it is to deliver an inclusive, and quality experience both online and in-person.

Nicky Hobbs, Client Director